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Litigation is an unfortunate reality, and it can become overwhelming — fast. At Setter Roche Smith & Shellenberger LLP, we understand the considerable burden litigation can have on an individual or business. For professional, effective legal counsel and advocacy, contact one of our skilled civil litigators today.

Our attorneys have strong written and oral advocacy skills, and they are knowledgeable in both substantive and procedural law.  When we build a legal strategy, it is built specifically with the client’s needs in mind.​ We determine our approach on a case-by-case basis.  When going to trial is not in our clients' best interest, we assist them in avoiding litigation by reaching favorable settlements through effective negotiations.  We work with our clients on lawsuit risk management to minimize their cost exposure. For professional, committed legal advocacy and personal attention to your unique civil litigation goals, please contact us.

We are experienced in handling many types of civil disputes, including:

Employment Issues

  • Internal investigations

  • Disability accommodation 

  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FLMA) compliance 

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliance

  • Human resource policies and practices

  • Employment agreements 

  • Restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements

Contract Issues

  • Developing contracts for employment

  • Breach of contract actions

  • Purchase and sale agreements

  • Specific performance 

  • Breach of warranty

Real Estate and Land Use Issues

  • Record title

  • Leasing

  • Rights in easements

  • Rights of way

Construction Law:

  • Upstream and Downstream Contract Negotiations including contractors, vendors, and suppliers

  • Construction Defect Litigation

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Federal, State and Local Regulations 

Intellectual Property Issues

  • Patent, Trademark, and Copyright infringement

  • Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings

  • Unfair Trade Practices and Unfair Competition Litigation.

  • Trade Secret disputes

General Liability​

  • Property damage

  • Premises liability and economic loss

  • Insurance disputes

  • Indemnification

  • Pre-litigation negotiations and risk management

Contact Us

Please contact us to reach an attorney in our Civil Litigation division.

General Inquiries:

(303) 255-3588

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