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Intellectual Property Law -

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets

Our patent attorneys and agents excel in the electrical, computer hardware and software, biotech, chemical, and mechanical arts, with decades of combined patent and engineering experience. Each of our attorneys and agents has developed a high degree of technological sophistication and proficiency in a wide variety of industries such as communications, Internet and data systems, electronics, storage technology, optics, energy technology, and bioinformatics.  ​In addition to our patent expertise, we also handle domestic and international trademark prosecution, and advise clients with respect to trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  We are dedicated to cost-effective and efficient customer service. Our approach has allowed us to grow along with our clients and to add value to their businesses instead of subtracting from the bottom line. As a result, we enjoy very strong and long lasting relationships with our clients. ​


Sara J. Bradford

Specialties: Patent Preparation and Prosecution, 
Intellectual Property Counseling

Representative Industries Served:


  • Telecommunications & Networking

  • Computer Hardware & Software

  • Automotive Systems and Solutions

  • Data Storage Devices & Systems

  • Factory Automation

  • Integrated Circuits and Micro-electronics

  • Internet Infrastructure & Security

  • Genetics & Biotechnology

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Nanotechnology

  • Medical Devices

  • Application Development Operations (DevOps)

  • Data Analytics

  • Software as a Service

  • Aerospace Engineering & Space Science

  • Renewable Energy

  • Materials Science

Downtown Denver, Colorado at the morning

Contact Us

Please contact us to reach an attorney in our Intellectual Property & Patent group.


Patent Attorney Directory: (720) 562-2280

Main Office: (303) 255-3588

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