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Our corporate & commercial law team is led by former in-house counsel who have a deep understanding of the challenges and frustrations faced by corporate legal departments. Our attorneys have held the roles of in-house Chief Legal Officer and Chief People Officer to hundred-million-dollar corporations, and they are experienced in handling and/or managing complex, corporate civil litigation. As such, our attorneys are equipped to provide a broad array of scalable, efficient, experienced, and professional legal services, with expertise in Technology Transactions, Commercial Contracts, Employee/Independent Contractor matters, Corporate/Entity Formation, and Construction Law. Our team also provides fractional general counsel services, which are scalable to fit your small business or growing corporation’s legal needs.

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Of Counsel (Denver)
Specialties:  Technology Transactions and Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts:

  • Sales and marketing agreements

  • Professional (or other) services agreements

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

  • Reseller agreements

  • Channel sales agreements

  • OEM agreements

  • Inbound and outbound supply agreements

  • Vendor agreements

  • Deal negotiation and support

  • Independent contractor agreements

Corporate/ Entity Formation:

  • Classification of employees and independent contractor

  • Limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships

  • Bylaws and operating agreements

  • Employee handbooks

  • Employment consulting

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Employment agreements

Ad Tech:

  • Inbound and outbound data licensing agreements

  • Services and Agreements between publishers, advertisers, and the various intermediaries in the ad tech ecosystem ( DSPs, SSPs, etc.)

  • Data Protection Addenda (GDPR, etc.)

Construction Law:

  • Upstream and Downstream Contract Negotiations including contractors, vendors, and suppliers

  • Construction Defect Litigation

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Federal, State and Local Regulations 

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Main Office: (303) 255-3588

For those seeking information about a career with our firm in corporate and commercial law, please email:

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